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What casino has the most favorable rules for blackjack?

What casino, (anywhere in the world) has the most favorable rules for Blackjack. Please say name of casino, where it is, and why it is better than most casinos. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------Commercial AD from MyAdMarket on the subject of Blackjack Gratuit -Blackjack Gratuit Answer by Vegas MattI know a place with a double deck game that allows double after split, and lets your re-split to 4 hands. According to the Wizard of Odds blackjack calculator, that a .38% house edge with basic strategy. Sometimes the dealers are lazy too, and deal it very deep into the deck (15 or so cards left). I'm not going to say where it is though because it's pretty empty a lot of the time and I don't particularly want more people playing there. I'll just say Keep On Reading My Article

Herberex Inc. Announces Their Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Approved for Sale in Kuwait

Herberex, A natural male enhancement supplement manufactured and sold by Herberex Inc. in the United States has been approved for sale in the country of Kuwait. Of the numerous countries, their natural male enhancement supplements are approved to distribute, Kuwait ranks as one of the most stringent countries regarding dietary supplement distribution. Kingston, New York (PRWEB) July 08, 2012 Herberex is a natural male enhancement supplement formulated to restore erectile health. Herberex functions as a natural aphrodisiac, which enhances arousal and designed to assist men experience heightened erectile stimulation. The Herberex herbal formula allows men to enjoy increased libido, stamina and ongoing sexual functioning without negative side effects. Herberex does not require a prescription and does not deplete supplements consumed by bodybuilders, Keep On Reading My Article

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogrolls?

by kag2u ------------------------------------------------Support This Blog By Visiting Sponsor URL with reference to I Will Send You A Monthly PR4 Blogroll On 1 Of My PR4 Blog With Very Few Outbound Links For $5 -I Will Send You A Monthly PR4 Blogroll On 1 Of My PR4 Blog With Very Few Outbound Links For $5 What is a Blogroll anyway?A blogroll is a widget you install on your blog where you list other blogs that you like to read. The original intent was really a way to share blogs you find interesting with those folks who read yours.From there the reasons for using them have incorporated the desire for backlinks. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" sort of thing. If I put your blog on my blogroll, I'd like you to put mine on yours. Blog owners aren't mind readers so of course Keep On Reading My Article